Your FIRST Choice for Off-Leash Dog Walking in Nanaimo


Your FIRST Choice for Off-Leash Dog Walking in Nanaimo

When it comes to Nanaimo Dog Walking, we provide safe, constructive, stimulating, off-leash fun, and active adventures on the beaches, in the rivers and on the forest and mountain trails! Pooch Pack Adventures knows how important your dogs are to you and your family. Exercise is essential for their physical and mental health. Dogs need daily exercise and properly supervised  socialization to be healthy, happy, and well balanced family members. There is nothing better for your dog than hiking with a well-behaved group where they can learn from other trained team members while being guided by an experienced leader. In a perfect world, everyone would have plenty of time and be in optimum personal health to provide their own dogs with the daily physical activity that he/she needs and craves. Pooch Pack Adventures knows and understands that is not always possible and we are here to help make that happen.

Garmin GPS Collars


Nanaimo’s only dog walker to use a Garmin GPS Multi-Dog Tracking System for added safety and peace of mind. See more details here.


Dogs naturally love to play and work as a team and have a natural instinct to form a pack and stay together with their Pack Leader. Although this is not a training facility, consistent recall with your pooch will be exercised and established in our off-leash dog walking adventures and we will teach obedience and good manners to maintain rules and boundaries within the pack. We reward good manners and milestones with lots of love, play and positive reinforcement.

To top it off…You get to stay in warm and dry and come home to a pooch that loves you even more for letting them join the Pooch Pack!


In 2015, the Pooch Pack Adventures team worked together to raise funds to help people and pets in abusive homes.

Over $3,000 was raised as we were able to get 40 Dogs on a Log.