Stephanie and Kaylee

I am so happy to have found Kim with Pooch Pack Adventures. I am new to Vancouver Island and when I first moved here I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about exercising my crazy Australian Shepherd, Kaylee. After doing some research looking for a doggie daycare or dog walker I came across Kim. Pooch Pack’s off leash group walks were exactly what I was looking for. As a dog trainer, I have high expectations for Kaylee since she attends classes with me, so finding a dog walker that I trust is very important. As a herding breed Kaylee has a lot of energy and can get excited easily, Kim is fantastic with her and knows how to calm her down. My schedule tends to change often and Kim is always very flexible and accommodating, making sure Kaylee doesn’t miss out on her walks. I always look forward to hearing about how much fun Kaylee had on her walk and I love how tired she is when she gets home.