Brett, Ken and Morris

Kim has been a solid pack leader to our 16 month old pup Morris since we got him. We send him with her once a week, and knew that proper socializing would be imperative to his future demeanor. Although we know he can be a challenge for her at times, seeing as he still acts like big puppy, she is patient and caring, and is always willing to discuss any progress or issue with us if anything arises. He comes home zonked, and typically sleeps the rest of the day away…He howls at the door when he hears her van alarm go and she walks up to the house! I would highly recommend Kim’s service to any pet owner who is just too busy for a long extended hike, or who is looking to ensure their furry friend is well balanced, and properly socialized with all different kinds of dogs, personalities, and temperaments. We will continue to use Pooch Pack Adventures as long as we can!