Erin and Huckleberry

We are so grateful for Kim and Poochpack! Huckleberry is the youngest puppy joining the pack at only four months. He has been hiking once a week for the last month and it is amazing the improvements we have seen already. We are very grateful for the pack slowy but surely teaching him manners, and his puppy play biting with other dogs is getting so much better!! Not only has the pack taught him manners, he is always exhausted when he comes home – which is not an easy task. Concentrating at puppy class is a breeze thanks to Kim, and you will notice with Kim’s dedication to working on his “stay” he can now be seen in the “sit, stay” photos! We can’t wait until he is full grown and can hike several times a week! -Erin and Huckleberry

Stephanie and Kaylee

I am so happy to have found Kim with Pooch Pack Adventures. I am new to Vancouver Island and when I first moved here I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about exercising my crazy Australian Shepherd, Kaylee. After doing some research looking for a doggie daycare or dog walker I came across Kim. Pooch Pack’s off leash group walks were exactly what I was looking for. As a dog trainer, I have high expectations for Kaylee since she attends classes with me, so finding a dog walker that I trust is very important. As a herding breed Kaylee has a lot of energy and can get excited easily, Kim is fantastic with her and knows how to calm her down. My schedule tends to change often and Kim is always very flexible and accommodating, making sure Kaylee doesn’t miss out on her walks. I always look forward to hearing about how much fun Kaylee had on her walk and I love how tired she is when she gets home.

Rocky, Liam & Barney

Any dog owner knows that their dogs are part of the family and they would not leave them with “just anyone”. We trust Kim explicitly to look after our 3 dogs and to give them a great experience. We never have to worry about them being out with Kim. She is so responsible and knowledgeable about the breeds, personality and of course safety! Our boys always come back tired and elated. They know her vehicle so they go crazy with excitement when they see her and her van pull up in our driveway! Kim has a “way” with dogs whereby she “understands” them and their unique personalities. She knows the greatest trails and areas to take them to as well. I am so grateful to Kim and Pooch Pack for the “dog days” our boys enjoy! – Gillian and “The Boys”

Jillian and Reggie

Thankyou so much Kim for this awesome service. Reggie is almost 1 and since he started going for hikes he listens better, is 100% better off leash and has learned how to properly interact with other pups. He runs to the door when i say your name and his little bod wiggles and wags when he sees you. He LOVES pooch pack and after his hike he comes home exhausted. I would recommend this for any dog. On days i know Reggie would be alone extra long its so nice that Pooch Pack has a pick up and drop off service. It allows Reggie to be fully taken care of even if i can’t get home to let him out. Thanks 100 times over Kim and Pooch Pack! So much love and wags from me and Reggie 🙂

Meg, Jeff and Cuska

Our large breed dog Cuska loves his hikes with Pooch Pack Adventures. Kim is so good with him, she is very professional and skilled, cautious but also very adventuresome. Cuska needs tons of exercise and having Pooch Pack in our lives makes everything easier on the days we just can’t get him out as much as we want. It really takes the pressure off and being part of Pooch Pack has improved his ‘interdog’ skills. Kim is reliable, organized and considerate. She keeps all those dogs under control and listening to her. She has the dog’s safety, exercise and fun in mind, but also is a great communicator with us. WE don’t worry about our dog when he is with Kim. We highly recommend Pooch Pack Adventures.