Laura and “Radar” the Dalmatian

Kim takes my dog Radar out on a regular basis and I am grateful for the exercise solutions Pooch Pack Adventures has to offer. Radar gets so excited when he hears the name “Kim” or any other of his pack members names which shows me how much he enjoys himself when he is with her! Radar benefits by getting great socializing experience and by learning to listen to other people in a distracting environment while I benefit by getting my dog exercised hassle-free while I am at work and peace of mind when I arrive home to a calmer, happier dog.

I have accompanied Kim on her outings and have seen first-hand how well she treats dogs when the owner is not around. Kim has a calm leadership personality that is reflected in the pack during outings – the dogs follow and listen to her respectfully while still having fun together. I trust Kim completely with my dog and would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody with a dog who enjoys being outdoors!